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Microstructural Kinetics Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy


Structural modification of metallic glasses via electro-thermal processing.


Key publications: 

Advanced ultra-light multifunctional metallic-glass wave springs, N.T. Panagiotopoulos, K. Georgarakis, A.M. Jorge Jr, M. Aljerf, W.J. Botta, A.L. Greer, Materials and Design 192, 108770 (2020).

Mechanically Induced Waves in Metallic Glass Foils, N.T. Panagiotopoulos, M.A. Yousfi, K. Georgarakis, A.R. Yavari, Materials & Design 90, 1110–1114 (2016).

Nanoporous titanium obtained from a spinodally decomposed Ti alloy, N.T. Panagiotopoulos, A. Moreira Jorge, I. Rebai, K. Georgarakis, W.J. Botta, A.R. Yavari, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 222, 23–26 (2016).

Self-assembled plasmonic templates produced by microwave annealing: applications to surface-enhanced Raman scattering, N.T. Panagiotopoulos, N. Kalfagiannis, K.C. Vasilopoulos, N. Pliatsikas, S. Kassavetis, G. Vourlias, M.A. Karakassides and P. Patsalas, Nanotechnology 26, 205603 (2015).

Nanocomposite Catalysts Producing Durable, Super-Black Carbon Nanotube Systems: Applications in Solar Thermal Harvesting, N.T. Panagiotopoulos, E.K. Diamanti, L.E. Koutsokeras, D. Gournis and P. Patsalas, ACS Nano 6, 10475–10485 (2012).

Formation of Tetragonal or Monoclinic ZrO2 coatings by oxygen plasma treatment of Zr74.7Cu19.7Nb5.6 glassy thin films, N.T. Panagiotopoulos, J. Kovač, M. Mozetič, P. Patsalas, G.A. Evangelakis, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 29 (5), 051303 (2011).

Bare-Eye View at the Nanoscale: New Visual Interferometric Multi-Indicator (VIMI), N.T. Panagiotopoulos, P. Patsalas, C. Prouskas, G.P. Dimitrakopulos, Ph. Komninou, Th. Karakostas, A.P. Tighe, and E. Lidorikis, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2, 3052–3058 (2010).

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Nikolaos  Panagiotopoulos

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+44 (0) 1223 34357
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