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Microstructural Kinetics Group

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Jiri Orava

Dr Jiri Orava

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Research Interests

  • Synthesis and physical-chemical properties of chalcogenide glasses
  • Chalcogenide phase-change materials for non-volatile computer memory
  • Chalcogenide glasses for photonics
  • Crystallization and stability of glass-forming supercooled liquids

Key Publications

Google Scholar profile


Book Chapters

3.      J. Orava & A. L. Greer, “Chalcogenides for Phase-Change Memory”, in: Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry: Recent Advances, Techniques and Applications, 2nd Edition, S. Vyazovkin, N. Koga & C. Schick (Eds.), Elsevier, to be published (January 2018).

2.      J. Orava, T. Kohoutek & T. Wagner, “Deposition techniques for chalcogenide thin films”, in: Chalcogenide Glasses: Preparation, Properties and Applications, J. L. Adam & X. Zhang (Eds.), Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Cambridge, UK, 2014, pp. 265‒309.

1.      T. Kohoutek, J. Orava, M. Hrdlicka, J. Prikryl, T. Wagner & M. Frumar, “Planar quarter wave stack reflectors prepared from chalcogenide Ge-Se and polymer polystyrene thin films”, in: Polymer Thin Films, A. A. Hashim (Ed.), In-tech, Croatia, 2010, pp. 277–288.



2.      J. Orava, “Chalcogenides for phase-change memory applications”, 22. Kalorimetrietage, June 7-9, 2017, Brunswick, Germany.

1.      J. Orava, “Transient nucleation in phase-change chalcogenides: Sub-nanosecond data recording”, 12th International Conference on Solid State Chemistry Conference, September 18−23, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.



7.      J. Orava, “Role of liquid fragility in fast crystallization of phase-change chalcogenides”, WPI-AIMR Workshop: Structure and Dynamics of Glasses, February 11−12, 2017, Sendai, Japan.

6.      J. Orava, M. Chen, T. Wagner & A. L. Greer, “Origin of silver ions migration in nano-ionic memory studied by atom-probe tomography”, 12th International Conference on Solid State Chemistry Conference, September 18−23, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.

5.      J. Orava & A. L. Greer, “Transient nucleation in phase-change memory chalcogenides: Picosecond data recording”,
23rdInternational Symposium on Metastable, Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials, July 3−8, 2016, Nara, Japan.

4.      J. Orava,Fast crystallization in metallic-glass-forming liquids: Phase-change memory application”,
14th Lähnwitzseminar on Calorimetry, June 5−10, 2016, Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany.

3.      J. Orava, “Chalcogenide glasses for phase-change memory: Beyond the silicon”, 2nd International Symposium
on Advanced Materials Having Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom
, November 2−3, 2015, Kumamoto, Japan.

2.      J. Orava, “Chalcogenides for phase-change memory: New insights for the fragility of glass-forming liquids”,
22nd International Symposium on Metastable, Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials, July 13−17, 2015, Paris, France.

1.      J. Orava, “Crystallization and transient effects in supercooled liquids of phase-change materials”, MRS Spring Meeting, April 6−10, 2015, San Francisco, USA.



4.      J. Orava & A. L. Greer, “Fragility crossover in chalcogenide glass-forming liquids: Importance for phase-change memory applications”, Glass Reflections, September 7−9, 2015, Cambridge, UK.

3.      J. Orava & A. L. Greer, “Pathways formation in silver-doped thin-film chalcogenides”, Doped Amorphous Chalcogenides and Devices, March 27−28, 2014, Cambridge, UK.

2.      J. Orava, A. L. Greer, B. Gholipour, D. W. Hewak & C. E. Smith, “Fast crystallization of supercooled liquid Ge2Sb2Te5 through its high fragility”, 10th International Conference on Solid State Chemistry, June 10−14, 2012, Pardubice, Czech Republic.

1.      J. Orava, T. Wagner, T. Kohoutek, M. Krbal, Mil. Vlcek & M. Frumar, “Utilization of chalcogenide thin film as inorganic photoresist”, XXIst International Congress on Glass, July 1−6, 2007, Strasbourg, France.


TALKS at Schools and Tutorials

4.      J. Orava, “Lectures on Nanomaterials and their Nanocharacterization”, December 15−19, 2014, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic.

3.      J. Orava, “Introduction of amorphous semiconductors”, 6th International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic
and Photonic Materials and Application
, July 27−August 1, 2014, Leeds, UK.

2.      J. Orava, “Amorphous chalcogenides and marginal glass-forming melts, non-volatile solid-state memories”, International Summer School on Physics at Nanoscale, June 9−14, 2014, Devet Skal, Czech Republic.

1.      J. Orava, “Dynamics in supercooled liquids in data storage applications”, International Days of Materials Science, September 25−26, 2012, Pardubice, Czech Republic.


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